Home Inspector Remo Colantoni

Buying a Home?

If you are considering buying a house, a detailed inspection of the premises will help you make an informed decision. You will also gain information on any repairs or maintenance that your new home may need.

Selling Your Home?

Having your home professionally inspected prior to selling can identify a previously unknown problem, or potential upgrades you may wish to address. Being aware of any issues in advance will also allow for full disclosure to potential buyers, which can result in a smoother transaction for both parties.

Working With You

My ultimate goal is to provide you with details and information in a way that you will fully understand and be able to use. This will also enable you to make a confident decision on how to proceed. I strongly encourage you to attend the inspection so I can guide you through the premises. The guided tour is a great learning experience where many client questions and/or concerns are addressed.

I strive to overcome any communication barriers that may arise; be it language differences, or simply breaking down the mechanical/technical aspects of owning and maintaining a home. I will address any uncertainties you may have until you are comfortable and confident with the information I have presented to you.

The Home Inspection Report

My observations are recorded in the Inspector Homes Report Book which is given to you directly following the inspection. The binder is detailed, yet very user friendly and easy to comprehend.

You report will include:

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