"Expert", "High Integrity", "Personable", "Good Value", "Great Results" have all been used to describe Remo's qualities as a professional home inspector and to his approach in working with clients.

Please enjoy the testimonials below.

Remo is a thorough and trustworthy home inspector. He is truly a professional through and through. Any clients who hire Remo can trust him to tell them like it is. Not only does he provide clients with potential issues, but he has many creative and reliable solutions. He also has as a multitude of professional contacts he can put you in touch with to get answers, or to provide other services you may be looking for. I trust Remo with any of my clients! He is extremely personable and works very well with all clients! - Jackie Richardson

I have recommended Remo many times over the past few years. He is very professional and respectful to all my clients. His work is excellent and his cost is reasonable. Remo is very knowledgeable and knows his work! I will continue to recommend him to my clients. - Connie Materno

Remo has been a great asset to my week to week business dealings. I have recommended him to many of my clients and he is always available, even on short notice, to get the job done. He is extremely knowledgeable and takes the time to ensure that the client fully understands his findings. I highly recommend him! - April Grout

Remo is an excellent home inspector who not only knows his stuff from years of experience, but also is amazing at dealing with people and tactfully explaining the results in layman terms. He is my 'go to' inspector and he has never let me, or my clients down! - Johnny MacDonald

Pre-Sale Home Inspection

Remo Colantoni of INSPECTOR HOMES is a fabulous resource!

His professional, thorough and honest home investigation is “first rate” and this is along every dimension. In anticipation of selling our 1929 home, my wife and I realized that with a property this age, one of the first considerations of any potential buyers would be a home inspection. Even though the house had been completely updated and regularly maintained, we wanted to be absolutely certain that nothing had been overlooked.

Remo completed a very thorough and professional assessment of the property and then provided us with a detailed outline of his analysis and identification of the few minor issues that needed attention. In addition, he offered solutions and referrals that were most helpful in assisting us to bring the property up to “sale ready” status and providing us with the peace of mind that we had truly left nothing unaddressed. Remo understood our specific needs and concerns and executed on our mandate in a courteous, professional and timely fashion. We were more than satisfied with his service and knowledge and would not hesitate in recommending INSPECTOR HOMES’ services! - Brian Babcock